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Ally Unexpected Link

Attack on Titan Levi and Ackerman Makeup Tutorial

Hello every one of the cosplay community! I am Ally, better known as Unexpected Link Cosplay, and I am here to show you how to become the rough and tough Corporal Levi & Ackerman from Attack on Titan! Before we start, you will need; Cleanser Plenty of cotton swabs A variety of makeup brushes and [...]
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Alice Haruka

Studio Ghibli-Spirited Away No Face Cosplay (Bath tokens prop)

Now, most of us has seen at least one Studio Ghibli movie and one of my favorites is “Spirited Away”. And, one of my favorite characters is No Face. No face is a spirit that becomes infatuated with the main character Chihiro and as he follows her around the bath house he starts offering her [...]
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DIY Tutorial for Matoi Ryuko’s Cosplay Chest Plate from Kill la Kill

The Matoi Ryuko cosplay costume we offered includes the chest protector but it is made of PU leather. If you want it to be more firm like a real chest plate, read this blog and learn to make one by yourself. Key point: Curve shapes can be easily made by using polythene board, you can [...]
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DIY Tutorial for Hoozuki Sama’s Spiked Club Cosplay Prop

To cosplay as Hoozuki Sama, the spiked bat in his hand is a highlight. It is difficult to make the whole bat shape, so it would be easier to start with a similar thing. I suggest you buy a plastic bat. Material: vinyl bat, fibreboard(thickness 2mm and 5mm), office paper, newspaper,  artificial leather(brown and black), [...]
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Couple Cosplay Ideas of Soul Eater – Miesters and Their Demon Weapons

Like doing couple cosplay and looking for some ideas? Check this article and you’ll be happy that you can do Soul Eater cosplay together with your BF/GF, your friends, your bothers/sisters. Plenty to choose from! Find the pair similar to your situation and cosplay as them! Demon Weapons are human beings who have the ability to [...]
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