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Cosplay: America vs Japan

This is another guest post from Rose Rappaport , our lovely friend, you can check her las article Life in Japan-One Piece as well.So let’s beginning: Cosplay in Japan is very different from cosplay in America, but there are similarities as well.  Japan does not have as many conventions as the United States, so places [...]
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Live Convention-DAYCON 2012

Hi, today Dajanero share us her wonderful experience in DAYCON 2012,at 20~22th.Sept. 2012, she ordered the costumes from us !!!! I know this article maybe a little “late” , but still will be interesting and maybe you can join in DAYCON 2013 conventions This article is about a really awesome convention, that I recently discovered [...]
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Live Convention – Share Your Convention Photo and Win $100 Cash Coupon

Hello cosplay devotees, are you planning to go to an anime/cosplay convention this summer? If you are, here’s a chance that you may get a $100 Cash Coupon for sending us your photo(s) on the convention. Our new edition of contest is called “Live Convention”. To be a qualified contestant, you just need to print [...]
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A Travel to ComiDay9 in Chengdu

The 9th ComiDay in Chengdu was inaugurated on Feb. 18, at the New Conference and Exhibition Center. It’s the largest doujin party in the southwest area, organized by COMIDAY committee. Held biannually, in summer and winter, it’s definitely the best pageant for them to communicate with each other. Hundreds of clubs join in and you [...]
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Lunar Angel

Videogame Cosplay Interview: Brittany Jung as Zelda (Part 1)

Today we will be continuing our Videogame Cosplay Interview series, today we have a Florida cosplayer known as Brittany Jung as she cosplays Zelda from The Legend of Zelda.  She is a 22 year old cosplayer that studies photography, she aspires to one day run her own costume photography studio.  She started gaming around 6 [...]
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