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Alice Haruka

Animazement 2015 Con Report

Now that Animazement 2015 has passed post con depression is now settling in. However, to get over this depression I look back on the memories made and the pictures and videos I took this weekend.This reminds me that even though this post con depression looms heavily over me I still had an amazing time!.Because Animazement [...]
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Chaos Fox Costuming

Working on your last minute cosplays before the con is it worth it?

Ever have that moment where your just working on those last minute costumes and you feel like your at your limit and you can’t even do it anymore?  Your on the verge of tear’s your just about to give up but lets talk reality here you don’t need to give up.  Sit back relax take [...]
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What to Bring to a Anime Convention

Anime Conventions are a busy time for everyone, especially for cosplayers who are scrounging for whatever bit of time they can get their hands on, rushing to finish their costume for the big day. Picture this – after snipping off the last thread, you bundle yourself into your car or try to fit onto public [...]
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Chaos Fox Costuming

Why People Don’t Like Your Cosplay?

ruby cosplay made and modeled by Crescent Rose scythe made I think this is a question many of have asked ourselves more times then we possibly should have.  Cosplay should be fun, cosplay should be accepting, cosplay should be so many positive things but sometimes there are just those bad apples, those little [...]
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My Big Wow Comic Fest 2015

This Post is submitted by Evel Fett Cosplay , amazing! Day 1: Big Wow Comicfest 2015 was held in the San Jose Convention Center on April 1819. This is one of my favorite conventions to attend. It is for true comic book fans and cosplayers.There had to be at least 5,000 people waiting to receive their badges [...]
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