Live Convention – Azurimi at Chibi G-Anime

Cosplayer Bio:

Name/Nationality: Azurimi/ Canadian

Social Networks: DevaintArt as Azurimi

Comments from the cosplayer: The Convention I went was Chibi G-Anime.It was a very small convention in Gatineau Canada. I cosplayedVocaloid’s Len Kagamine in his Setsugetsuka oufit. I took a fewpictures with the placard; in the hallways, and the garden. Somepeople were a bit curious about what I was doing, so they came up tosnap a few pictures too haha!

Oh, and here’s my Convention Recap on my DeviantArt Journal 😀 It has
more pictures! Go check it out!


The photos are submitted by Natasha Sazenski, entered in the “Live Convention” hosted by Miccostumes. Share your convention photo(s) and win our $100 cash coupon. Join now!

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One Piece Cosplay Contest – Let The Adventure Begin!

Our new edition of cosplay photo contest will be themed on One Piece. If you are a One Piece addict and have done any One Piece cosplay, don’t hesitate to share your awesome photos with us. You may get a chance to win costume, wig and also cash coupon from us! Submit your photos now and let the adventure begin!

The contest entries will be held on our blog. Those who have the most facebook likes and Google pluses will win the contest. To be a qualified contestant, you just need to pass on the link of the contest ( this one or this one ), and send us your One Piece cosplay photo(s) together with your information. Read on for more details!



1. Time for the Contest: Aug 9thSep 9th (New York Time)

2. Winners and Prizes

Winners: Those who have the most “Scores” will win the contest. The number of winners depends on the number of the contestants. One winner will be chosen out from every 15 contestants, i.e.

  1. 1-15 contestants—1 winner
  2. 16-30 contestants–2 winners
  3. 31-45 contestants–3 winners
  4. and so on.


First Prize: any costume from our One Piece costume catalog, the costumes are showed below:



Second Prize: any wig from our One Piece wig catalog, or $25 cash coupon

Third Prize: $20 Cash Coupon

Winners after third will all get $15 Cash Coupons

Note: Cash Coupon can be used as equivalent cash when purchasing in our store.

In addition, each contestant will get a $5 cash coupon, which can be used for a $5 discount when purchasing in our costume store.

3. Submissions: submissions are valid among Aug 9thSep 9th. Submissions can only be made by email to miccostume[@] All you gotta do is PASS ON the link of the contest (  this one or this one ) (in a blog post, journal, poll, note, etc), send us the link to your post/journal/poll/note/whatever, together with your One Piece cosplay photo(s) and your information. All in all, the following things are required:

  1. The link of your post/journal/poll/note/whatever, where your passed on the link of our contest.
  2. Name/Gender/Nationality
  3. Personal or social sites (if any)
  4. 1-5 One Piece cosplay photo(s) of yourself
  5. A little introduction about yourself and the photo(s), like which character were you, when and where was it, etc.
  6. More. Actually, you can write anything you want, as long as it’s related to One Piece cosplay. You can even send us a link of video about your One Piece cosplay. We’ll put whatever you offered into your contest entry.

4. About the photo(s):

  1. At least one photo is required. The photo(s) must feature only you. Group photos are not allowed. More photos are appreciated.
  2. The photo(s) should be at least 500px wide.

5. The voting process:

we’ll make a blog post for every participant at our blog. This blog post will be the contest entry where people can vote for you, via Facebook like and Google Plus. Below are the voting rules:

  1. Each Facebook like or Google Plus will be counted as one score.
  2. In addition, the organizer acts as another judge. We will govern some votes and vote for the top 20 contestants. I.e., the best entry (in our opinion) will get additional 20 scores, the second will get 19, third 18, and so on.


If any problem, send us an email at Miccostume[@]!

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Black Butler Cosplay Contest – Winners Announcement!

Hello every, thanks for joining our Black Butler Cosplay Contest. The contest ended on July 31st. And we have our winners now. There are incredibly 95 contestants in the last month. They are:


As promised, one winner will be chosen out from every 15 contestants, i.e, there will be 7 winners. They are:

No. 1: #95 Raissa Shizue with 274 scores (271 FB likes and 3 G+)

No.2: #33 Laura with 247 scores (212 FB likes, 22 G+ and 13 from

No. 3: #73 Kris with 169 scores (133 FB likes and 36 G+)

No. 4: #24 Grace with 157 scores (123 FB likes and 34 G+)

No. 5: #75 Dan with 114 scores (84 FB likes and 30 G+)

No. 6: #28 Laura with 100 scores (75 FB likes and 25 G+)

No. 7: #31 Hidiyoshii Kamaru with 93 scores (73 FB likes, 18 G+ and 2 from


No. 1: #95 Raissa Shizue — any costume from our Black Butler costume catalog

No.2: #33 Laura ————- any wig from our Black Butler wig catalog

No. 3: #73 Kris ————— $20 Cash Coupon

No. 4: #24 Grace ————-$15 Cash Coupon

No. 5: #75 Dan —————-$15 Cash Coupon

No. 6: #28 Laura ————–$15 Cash Coupon

No. 7: #31 Hidiyoshii Kamaru -$15 Cash Coupon

In addition, each contestant will get a $5 cash coupon. The prizes will be given out right away. Congratulations :) !

Again, thanks for your support!

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Black Butler Cosplay Contest – #95 Raissa Shizue

Cosplayer Bio:

Name: Raissa Shizue / female / brazilian

Character: Ciel Phantomhive

Comments from the cosplayer:

Hii ~ I started to do cosplay this year, and Ciel is my first one. Kuroshitsuji is one of my favorite anime and I pretend to continue cosplaying Ciel, with other versions. I just loved playing a young rich boy and taking pictures in beautiful places. I hope you enjoy my cosplay and I know I don’t have much of a chance in this, but I’m happy just to participate.

Good luck to all the contestants! <3

This post is submitted by Raissa Shizue, entered in the Black Butler Cosplay Contest hosted by
Winners and Prizes of the Contest:
One winner will be chosen out from every 15 contestants.
  1. First Prize: any costume from our Black Butler costume catalog
  2. Second Prize: any wig from our Black Butler wig catalog
  3. Third Prize: $20 Cash Coupon
  4. Winners after third will all get $15 Cash Coupons

The voting process:

  1. You can vote for the cosplayer by Facebook likes and Google Pluses. Each Facebook like or Google Plus will be counted as one score.
  2. In addition, the organizer acts as another judge. We will govern some votes and vote for the top 20 contestants. I.e., the best entry (in our opinion) will get additional 20 scores, the second will get 19, third 18, and so on.
Read this post for more details about the rules and how to join.

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Not A Fantasy! A Novice’s Guide to Realistic Cosplay Photography

The world of fantasy is so alluring. So imagine if you could find a way to make this fun vibrant world more exciting through photography. With just a few simple steps, you have the chance to become your own favorite anime character and bring the world of cosplay to life. Because you are a lover of anime and the world of fantasy, you already have the creativity and fun spirit required to make a photo shoot a success. Now, with just a few quick and easy tricks, you can get dressed up and started making your own fantasy images come to life.

Here are some tips on how to make your next cosplay photography shoot a success.

  1. Choose your look – You undoubtedly have your favorite cosplay looks, so find the best costume to match your image. This is especially important in your first cosplay shoot as you want to feel confident and comfortable so your strength can come across on film. When choosing your look find something that matches your personality and style. This will make you look more natural on film and keep you feeling good throughout the shoot.
  2. Use props to overcome image concerns – Some people know what they love, but don’t know quite how to match up their look with the look they are going for. With a few simple props, you can make it happen. If you have thick hair, wigs can be burdensome. Wear a wig cap to make your hair stay down and your wig stay looking great. If you are a girl who is well endowed in the legs and thighs simply wear dancer tights to help trim your look and make your legs look more muscular.
  3. Always buy a long wig – It is always a smart idea to buy your wig a little bit longer than you anticipate needing. This way, you have more flexibility to style it how you want. If necessary, you can always cut it but chances are you will not need to.
  4. A perfect body does not equal perfect cosplay – Don’t let your body get you down if it does not look exactly how you would like it. Cosplay has a lot to do with attitude and experience. In fact, to be great at cosplay, you do not have to have the perfect body. Stay confident in your skills and your cosplay will still lead to excellent photos.
  5. Avoid certain looks – Unless your cosplay costume specifically requires the following items, stay far away from them – skinny jeans (wear straight leg jeans instead), shiny fabric, or sticky hair gel for wigs. While it is important to follow the image of your character, do so in such a way that will still look realistic and avoid looking cheap.
  6. Always have a sewing kit or duct tape on hand – Cosplay photo shoots, to look realistic requires movement. This movement can sometimes lead to the ripping or tearing of costumes. Likewise, wigs can come loose, side burns can fall off and other numerous photo shoot bloopers can happen. Don’t let your photo shoot come to an abrupt end simply because you did not have the right materials on hand to quickly fix the problem and get back to shooting.
  7. Practice in front of the mirror – You are going to look great, but to do so most effectively on film, you need to know your best poses, angles and expressions. Spend some time practicing in the mirror on your own where you are most confident so you can nail the look you are going for before meeting up with your friends and fellow cosplayers.
  8. Don’t apply fake blood over carpet – May seem obvious, but many people apply their fake blood to their costumes over carpet and leave stains. This is clearly not a wise decision. Always put the fake blood over a material that won’t stain or apply it outdoors.

For your next cosplay shoot, dress the part of the character you love and have fun with it. The more fun you have with it the better you will come across on film.


Ferina Santos is part of the team behind Open Colleges, Australia’s provider of photography courses. A feisty nerd at heart with an obsession for media and vanity, she captures all her random musings with daily photographs in her blog, A Pink Banana.

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