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Cosplay Contest – My First Cosplay

The new edition of contest in May is launched today. The theme is storytelling – share your first cosplay story. If you still remember how excited you were when the first time you COSPLAY, if you still miss the feeling at that time, please don’t be hesitant to join in our Contest and share your [...]
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Winners of Maid Lolita Photo Contest Announced!

Dear contestants, thanks for joining our Maid Lolita Photo Contest. The Contest ended yesterday and the voting time ended at 12:00 April 30th. We’ve received a lot of complaints saying that some of the participants gained votes by an improper way. We looked in it, and found that many votes of some paticipants were from [...]
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Winners of Vocaloid Cosplay Photo Contest Announced!

By now, the Vocaloid Cosplay Photo Contest has ended. We have calculated the votes of total 146 participants. Here below are the top 3. No. 1: #44 Demoiselle Total Comments: 481 Valid Comments: 267 Favourites: 372 Total Votes: 639 No.2: #7 Damian Nada Total Comments: 42 Valid Comments: 22 Favourites: 501 Total Votes: 523 N0. [...]
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Maid Lolita Photo Contest – Win Sweet Branded Lolita Dress

Vocaloid cosplay Contest in April was launched in the beginning of April. Here comes another contest for April – Maid Lolita Photo Contest. As the title suggests, only maid lolita photos are accepted. Finally, there will be one or two participants winning out (depends on the number of the participants). Both of them will be [...]
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Vocaloid Cosplay Photo Contest – To Get Awesome Vocaloid Cosplay Costume & Wig

Vocaloid cosplay Contest in April is launched by! Send us your Vocaloid cosplay photo and you will have an oppotunity to get your desirable Vocaloid cosplay costume & wig at our store. Three winners will be born at last. Before taking action, please read the details of the contest below. Theme: Vocaloid cosplay Only [...]
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