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Winner of June 2014 Couple Cosplay Contest Announcement

Not many cosplayers joined this time and some of them failed to win the prizes, but thank you all for joining in our contest and please try harder next time!   Here are the winners: No.1 Hina K. Crownguard 1006 likes No.2 Feldon  744 likes No.3 Cristina Isabel Regis   232 likes No.4 Lanie Storiz  16 likes No.5 Tater [...]
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June 2014 Couple Cosplay Contest – Dozens of Cash Coupon Prizes Awaiting

10 cosplayers joined our Attack on Titan Cosplay Contest last month and each of them got a prize. If you missed the contest last time, don’t be sad, here comes your chance! The theme this time is Couple Cosplay, join now with your friends~! Read on for more details   Rules: 1. Time for the [...]
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Winner of Attack on Titan Cosplay Contest May 2014 Anouncement

Dear Attack on Titan cosplayers, thank you all for joining in our contest!   Here are the winners: No.1 Yuki Natsu Hime  225 likes No.2 Taylor Brown  113 likes No.3 けい おや  85 likes No.4 Yuuhi Takahiro  61 likes No.5 Miyuki Kurame Williams and Linda Carmona  both 35 likes No.6 Aki Pop  21 likes No.7 Sami Miko  19 likes No.8 Adele ‘Sasu’ Pearson  13 [...]
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May 2014 Attack on Titan Cosplay Contest-To Win Amazing Costume,Wig and Cash Coupons

This month, Miccostumes cosplay contest is back! We welcome cosplayers to join in our contest to win free costume,wig and cash coupons. Here we go!   Attack on Titan attracts a lot of enthusias all over the world from last year through its novel topic and eye-popping graphics. We can see cosplayers of characters from Attack on Titan on every convention. If you are a fan of Attack on Titan and have done any of its cosplay, don’t hesitate to participate in this contest. You may get a chance to win costume, wig and also cash coupon from us!   Read on for more details   Rules: 1. Time for the Contest May 8th – May 28th (Pacific Standard Time )   2. Winners and Prizes Winners: Those who have the most “Facebook Likes” will win the contest. Prizes: [...]
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Winner of One Piece Contest Announced!

Hi, dear friends, our One Piece Cosplay Contest expired on 9th of Sept. We are really sorry that this announcement comes late. But we did count the scores on 9th of Sept. We just didn’t have time to publish it. Anyway, here are the winners: #1 Elizabeth Coombes with 156 scores (130 facebook likes, 19 [...]
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