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How did Kirito and Asuna get married — Sword Art Online Love Story

Kirito and Asuna are a lovely couple from Sword Art Online that many cosplayers would choose to be. You can find them on every convention. But Do you know their love story? This article will reveal how the romance between Kirito and Asuna develops, if you have any of the following question, you may also find an answer. How and when did [...]
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A Review about Ninjas

Dan, thanks for submitting us this article ! It seems cool that 2 of the biggest Shonen properties involve Ninjas and Pirates. Today we will review one of them – NINJAS! If you have not heard of Naruto, then sit back because we will introduce you to this great series. If you have heard, well, [...]
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School Uniforms in Different Countries – Detect the Diverse Appeal

Believe it or not, school uniforms are absolutely not only clothes for students. They stand for the culture or beauty appreciation standard of a country. To wear uniforms has become a trend in most countries in modern era. Today, let’s take a look at school uniforms in different nations. This will be interesting. And here, [...]
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Top 10 Beautiful Dumb Doras in Japanese Anime

Beautiful dumb Doras have already become pretty scenery in the anime world. Boys who tender heart are often attracted by these girls. But most smart girls turn their noses up at those witless beauties. Below, top 10 good-looking yet wooden-hearted anime girls are listed. No. 10: Mouri Ran in Detective Conan Reason to be selected: [...]
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Top 10 Cool Boys in the Anime World

There have been so many anime characters that leave a deep impression for us. Cool boys listed below absolutely belong to that range. Now, let’s take a look at the top 10 cool anime boys. Top 1: Kuran Kaname from Vampire Knight Being gentle, cruel-hearted, callous, aloof, proud and graceful, this is Kuran Kaname, who [...]
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