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How to Start Your First Cosplay

Now you may be thinking, wow! I love seeing cosplayers and I love this anime, I really want to cosplay from it!! So here are some tips to get started on choosing and creating your first cosplay. -Pick your favorite anime: Choose your most favorite anime in the whole wide world! It can be a [...]
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Cosplay Ideas on Roles Using Pistols and Guns and Tips on posing

Hello again! In the previous article we discussed the roles using bow and arrows. I know some of you may find pistols and guns more attractive. So here I’m going to give you some choices on such characters for cosplay. Part 1. Character choices First let’s start with roles using pistols. Yukio Okumura Yuki Okumura [...]
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A Cosplayer Is A Person Who

A cosplayer is a person who______ send us your answer via Twitter or Facebook or comment here ,you will have the chance to win free cosplay gifts (costume &wig) ,the deadline is 17th April!   Christo2814  a cosplayer is a person who makes adults and children of all ages smile by bringing a character to [...]
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Cosplay Ideas for the Family

Cosplay is truly a way to connect with people. You connect with people who share you same interests and love doing the same things you do. You get to learn from each other and watch each other grow in craftsmanship. This sharing can be done with family as well! So moms and dads get out [...]
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Cosplayer Problems- How Do I Explain It to My Parents?

Photo from buzzfeed. Cosplay. It is a pretty cool hobby, I have to admit that, but how exactly do I explain it to my relatives, friends, ect.? I think if you are in my age and time when you still live with your parents, it is definitely hard to come out to them. We all [...]
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