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5 Ways To Find Cosplay Ideas

Gone are the glorious days where you knew exactly what to cosplay, now a distant memory as you sift through all the characters you know, hoping for a bolt of inspiration to strike. Newbies and veterans alike, this is a problem nearly every cosplayer can empathise with. I’ve had my fair share of staring blankly [...]
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Princess Cosplay Ideas For 2015

Princess characters are a popular trope in movies, video games, anime, and more. Though personalities between princesses are as different as any other group of characters, they are all united with the dignity, authority, and beauty that the word “princess” conjures up. Doing a princess cosplay can give a chance to express through yourself that [...]
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Couple Cosplay – Are you willing to be my master?

Under this contract, you are no longer a passer-by to me but the most important person in my life. Of the multifarious contract relationships in animes, some are touching, some are funny. Do you want to be a master or a servent? Here’re some couple cosplay ideas for you and your friend. Ciel Phantomhive and [...]
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10 Signs You’re Addicted To Cosplay

Cosplay is addicting! You get inspired and go crazy at it. But, how can you tell if you’re a true Cosplay Fanatic? Here are 10 signs you’re addicted to cosplay. 1. When watching any show you are constanly thinking “I can cosplay that.” 2. You walk into any apparel store and start planning what can [...]
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How to Start Your First Cosplay

Now you may be thinking, wow! I love seeing cosplayers and I love this anime, I really want to cosplay from it!! So here are some tips to get started on choosing and creating your first cosplay. -Pick your favorite anime: Choose your most favorite anime in the whole wide world! It can be a [...]
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