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Cosplay Makeup Essentials

Cosplay Makeup Essentials While not every cosplay needs fake eyelashes and lipstick, particularly for male characters, you still want to remain looking out of this world fabulous and with just these small makeup pieces, your cosplay will look as great as ever!! -BB Cream Whether you’re in cosplay or even out of cosplay, BB Cream [...]
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My Basic Cosplay Wardrobe Essentials

Also known as clothes I find myself using over and over again. Having these readily available in your wardrobe will make your life a lot easier as you wouldn’t have to keep going out to buy or make them again. This list will vary for everyone depending on what kind of characters you tend to [...]
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Can’t Get Enough of Cosplay? Do It Every Day!

Now you’re probably thinking, “Pinni, if I go to my local supermarket as Goku I’d probably be asked to leave.” Yeah, I getcha. Besides, that wig would most likelu take someone’s eye out, and you wouldn’t want that. Unlike other hobbies out there, cosplay is very much seasonal – cons are only held every now [...]
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Chaos Fox Costuming

Working on your last minute cosplays before the con is it worth it?

Ever have that moment where your just working on those last minute costumes and you feel like your at your limit and you can’t even do it anymore?  Your on the verge of tear’s your just about to give up but lets talk reality here you don’t need to give up.  Sit back relax take [...]
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What to Bring to a Anime Convention

Anime Conventions are a busy time for everyone, especially for cosplayers who are scrounging for whatever bit of time they can get their hands on, rushing to finish their costume for the big day. Picture this – after snipping off the last thread, you bundle yourself into your car or try to fit onto public [...]
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