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2015 Feb.New Cosplay Costumes Pre-Announcement

Because Chinese New Year will be soon, so there will not many new cosplay costumes in this month, but there still some popular costumes will be released this month, hope you will find the ones you are looking for. Btw, there are huge new costumes in March, see you! 1. sword art online season 2 characters cosplay: [...]
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June 2014 Miccostumes Couple Cosplay Ideas

From this month, will release our couple cosplay ideas category ,customers can check this category to find more couple cosplay ideas,and especial get more discount from the sales! So here we go !   Yato and Hiyori Iki Couple Cosplay   Shiroe and Akatsuki Couple Cosplay   Eren and Mikasa Couple Cosplay   Goku [...]
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2014 June New Cosplay Costumes Part 1 from Miccostumes

Here we go, below are the first part of our new cosplay costumes, and start from this month, we will also make more special cosplay photos for cosplayers who are looking for great couple cosplay ideas   Date a Live Kurumi tokisaki Cosplay Costume Date a Live Yoshino Cosplay Costume Dramatical Murder Noiz Cosplay Costume Log [...]
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New Cosplay Weapons Arrivals May 2014 restarted the cosplay weapon category in April, sales are really hot , and customers asked us to add some more classic anime cosplay weapons, so in May, Hellsing , Puella Magi Madoka Magica , Sailor Moon Cosplay Weapons , Soul Eater Cosplay Weapons,Vampire Knights Cosplay Weapons and even Bleach Cosplay Weapons have been added in our shop category. Because all of our cosplay weapons [...]
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Miccostumes New Cosplay Costumes May 2014 Part 1

Our May 2014 new cosplay costumes will be live in our shop this week, but some prereview photos has been public now: 1.  Blazblue Cosplay Costumes :    Blazblue Ragna The Bloodedge Cosplay Costume Blazblue Jin Kisaragi Cosplay Costume Blazblue Noel Vermillion Cosplay Costume Blazblue Rachel Alucard Cosplay Costume Blazblue Hazama Cosplay Costume Blazblue Litchi Faye Ling [...]
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