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Undertale Mettaton Makeup Tutorial For Cosplay

We’ll talk about the popular television star, again! Do not take it wrong, we mean the TV host

Mettaton from Underground. We’ve shared the wig styling tutorial for cosplayers days ago, if

you are wondering how about makeup skills for the robotic look? Well, this is it.

Mettaton tTo make the face looks pale, you will need the white cream foundation.

Evenly apply the foundation all over your face.Mettaton eThen add a shallow layer of purple eye shadow between eyebrows and eyelashes.

Mettaton fDeepen the outer corner and under eyeliner area with dark red eye shadow.Mettaton hNext, draw the eyeliners with purple eye shadow as pictured.Mettaton iApply some light purple eye shadow to the upper eye ball part as well as the under eyeliner area.Mettaton jIt’s almost done for the eye shadow. And we will move to the brows.

Lower the brow start and make the brow arch high.Mettaton kNext big step is to shape the figure with black eye shadow.

Mettaton lDraw the rivet design with dark blue one, pay attention to the whereabouts.Mettaton mOutline and darken the figure with an eyeliner.Mettaton nPut on the eyeliner and tail it out of the corner, thus the eye will look longer.Mettaton oAs to the lip, put on a coat of dark red lipstick firstly.Mettaton pTo make it more robotic, draw a line below the lip and add some lip prints.mettaton qApply a layer of black lipstick, and make the black grows lighter from inside to outside.Mettaton rFinally, draw the three small rivets on the cheek, brush gently with rose red eye shadow at the

eyeball part. And we are finishing the makeup, what you still need to do is  wearing the contacts. Try on the styled wig and check out what it turns out to be:MettatonAlso Mettaton costume gets available at miccostumes cosplay store.Yes, exactly what you can see

in the above picture!  Donot miss out, Sans cosplay is ready too and there are more Undertale characters upcoming.

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How to Style Undertale Mettaton Wig For Cosplay

What makes Mettaton unique in Underground? Well, I would say every tiny part of him.  Hair style, facial features, cloth, charm, or whatever you could think. We’ve completed the costume development, now  we’re moving to the each step to cosplay this character. The below part  is about styling the wig.

What to prepare before hand:

  1. Styling gel,
  2. Curling iron
  3. Scissors

undertale a


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Miccostumes The Legend of Zelda Baby Link Costume Giveaway

The Baby Link costume giveaway event on our Facebook has come to an close, the limited quantity  of 10 sets have been given away to the first 10 participants.Well, this is not an end, you can also get  free baby Link costumes with some simple steps! (more…)

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Miccostumes 2016 Crossplay Contest

We are holding a crossplay contest on Facebook! It has been a while since our last crossplay contest

in 2014 on the blog. Now it’s time again to show your love for cosplay. Enter your life photo and

crossplay photo for a chance to win a $100 gift card, a $50 gift card or a $20 gift card from

Miccostumes cosplay store!


Winners: Those who have the most “Likes” will win the contest.


First Prize: a $100 gift card from miccostumes.

Second Prize: a $50 gift card from miccostumes

Third Prize: a $20 gift card from miccostumes

Submitting an entry:
Submit a life photo(showing your real gender) and a crossplay photo(opposite gender) to us

via private message, and we will post the photos to our wall with the hashtag #miccontest2.
Once posted, it is considered an official entry (PS: We’ll add your photos within 48 hours after

you sending them)Please include the name of the character you are cosplaying as and where

he/she is from, as well as any other information you would like us to include in your entry

(cosplay page link, photographer page link or name, etc.) Additionally, we will only be accepting

one  submission per entrant.

Entering Period: Submissions will be accepted from April 15th to May 15th .


To vote, search the hashtag #miccontest2, and like/comment/share the entries that you wish to vote for.

Please note only posts made by the official Miccostumes Facebook account are part of the contest.

Entriesand posts made by anyone else using this hashtag are not considered part of the contest.

Contestants are allowed to like, comment, and share their own posts, but doing so will not count

towards their score.

Winner Announcement: 

Winners will be announced on miccostumes Facebook on 16th May 2016,

and the prizes will be rewarded right after.


Contest rules are subject to change without notice.


Below are some of the contestants:

Ciel Phantomhive by Izzy Craigmic cYamazaki Sousuke by Mara Dell

mic aKakashi Hatake by Velvet Centipede

mic bKylo Ren by Constance Chesney

mic d

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How to Make Final Fantasy Type-0 Sice Scythe For Cosplay

Talking about Sice, you must have known her well if you play the game. She is a playable character

in FinalFantasy Type-0, has myriad amount of AoE skills and uses a Scythe on the battlefield.

Now we are getting closer to the point and following is about how to make the Sice weapon

for cosplay.FF a


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