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Best Cardboard Cosplay Ideas You Should Check

Actually Cardboard can be made for most cosplay, but if you have attend in Cardboardcon which is “dedicated to the art of cardboard costuming.” , you will know how amazing cardboard cosplay can be, so I try to make a list about some best cardboard cosplay ideas , hope you can get some different feelings : 1. [...]
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Miccostumes Weekly Summary 2nd -6th.March 2015

Our blog authors Alice and Link shared 2 new cosplay tutorials for cosplay beginners , teach us to make MonoBear Cosplay Ears and how to buy cosplay wigs properly.And also our team member Crystal wrote 2 tutorials as well :DIY Sakura’s cosplay feather and how to eye makeup Ryota Kise . We hope more cosplayers could join in our “Blog writers program“, [...]
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Great Big Hero 6 Cosplay Collection

I watched the movie Big Hero 6 yesterday, another amazing movie from Disney!! Got back home,check google and want to find some cosplay ideas from Big Hero 6,especially the 6 heroes cosplay. Unbelievable, there are already some cosplayers have done fantastic work, so let’s check some good examples and you can be inspired much! Cosplayer Jin really bring Hiro into [...]
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Share Your 2015 Cosplay and Conventions Plan

So what’s your cosplay plan in 2015 and which anime&game conventions you want to join in ? Share your list and  you will get the chance to be sponsored by Miccostumes for costumes & wigs, and be party of our live conventions reporters program, so here is the details: 1.First write down your cosplay and [...]
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Best Cosplay Ideas for Fitness Men

Do you spend many time at fitness center like me ? If that , you must be a fitness man with strong muscular, people sometimes call us “big guy”. So what’s the best cosplay ideas for fitness men? let’s check it out! 1. Goku Cosplay From Dragon Ball :Actually many characters from Dragon ball can be [...]
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