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Metrocon Cosplay Contest

Today I would like to bring to you footage from Metrocon.  Florida’s largest anime convention!  This is footage taken from their Cosplay Contest. This video also features a photography contest at the end of the video.  This showcases some of Florida’s best cosplay photographers. The winners of the cosplay contest can be found here: Enjoy! [...]
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Videogame Cosplay: Jillian Husted as Larxene from Kingdom Hearts (Pt 1)

I am here to provide you with a look into the life of Florida’s cosplayers and their costumes. This time I would like to feature one of the cosplayers associated with Orange Anime.  Orange Anime is an online forum that bands togheter all of Florida’s videogame and anime fans and arranges local events in Miami and [...]
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Pariahcon 2012: A Florida Convention

Bringing to you the latest news in convention news from sunny Florida.  The convention season is about to start in full swing around these coming summer months.  So I would like to bring to your attention a small up and coming convention in its 2nd year of bringing fun to us Florida anime/videogame fans. Pariahcon [...]
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Florida Cosplay: Cosplay meets History

In Miami there are many beautiful places.  Today I would like to show you how cosplay has made it even more beautiful.  In Miami there is a place known as Vizcaya where there lies gorgeous historic buildings surrounded by a lovely garden.  Andrea Van Der Plaats, Stephanie Cone, Shana Harlow, and Katie Inderbitzen, some of [...]
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Videogame Cosplay Interview: Jen Amador as Cammy White (Part 2)

In my last piece we learned about Jen Amador, a Florida cosplayer, that cosplays as the beautiful Cammy White of Street Fighter fame.  We learned about her love of the character and what she did to make the cosplay come to life.  To see the first part of this interview click HERE. This time we [...]
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