Ulquiorra is the fourth espada. He's the most popular arrancar, very cold, callous, dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof. Many people like to cosplay Ulquiorra. They normally get cosplay Ulquiorra costume and cosplay Ulquiorra wig to have a stunning look just like Bleach cosplay character.

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Since you find Miccostumes.com, your Bleach Ulquiorra cosplay can be easily done, without breaking the wallet or spending lots of time. Yes, we offer you a deluxe, yet cheap ($65.99) Bleach Ulquiorra cosplay costume. Many Bleach cosplay lovers have been delighted by cloth, handwork, quality and similarity level on this Ulquiorra costume (size S). To realize your Ulquiorra cosplay dream, check it out here now.

1.Robe: You know this is not a traditional robe. Under the waistline, it’s empty on the front and has a split on the back. Being meticulously made, it’s ensured to be 100% faithful to the original anime look.

2.Collar: The stand-up collar is white outside and black inside, with a height of about 9CM and a diameter of 16CM.

3.Sleeves: Sleeves are 61CM long and 16CM wide.

4.Jacket: Above part of the robe looks like a jacket. With a zipper of 50CM long and being made from high-quality uniform cloth, it’s lightsome and ventilated.

5.Split: Under 19CM of the jacket, there is a split with black edges. Due to refined handwork, junction on every small place seems smooth and tidy.

6.Empty part on the front is oblong-shaped. Lines from the armpit to the hem of robe greatly flatter the wearer’s body shape!

7.Hakama: Luxurious uniform cloth makes the hakama feel rather heavy. The waistline is 25CM and 34.5CM wide on each side. Sashes are 69CM and 120CM long on each side. The front waistline is composed of three parts, looking the same with what Bleach showed to us. There is only one stripe on the back.

8.Ruffles: Ruffles on the hakama are well shaped due to the heavy cloth. 6 pairs of ruffles are shown on the front, with a pair hidden in the middle joint. On the back, each pair of ruffles is much larger.

34CM under the waistline, the hakama integrates. And there are about 60CM from the waist to the crotch.

9.Adhesive Sash: It’s 66CM long, with adhesive band. Cloth of it feels as heavy as what is used on the costume!

Price: $56.59